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Have Your Say!

Christopher Reeve Photo This page is designed to give you access to our Message Board, Guestbook, Online Postcards, WebRing and the Chris Reeve Club.

Please do NOT use any of these facilities as a place to write a message directly to Christopher Reeve. They are purely for messages and comments relating to Christopher Reeve's movies, Public Appearances, SCI information and other relevant topics. Check the Contact Info page for more information regarding contacting Christopher Reeve in person.

Message Board

The Message Board is a place where Christopher Reeve fans can leave messages for each other, discuss relevant topics, and generally get together to talk about this great man who inspires us all.

The message board is NOT read by Christopher Reeve (as far as I know), so you should not direct your messages to him, but rather to other fans and fellow readers.

I will be monitoring the message board as often as I can, but I ask you all to please be polite, curtious and helpful to each other in your messages. No flaming, abusive language or any other non-related messages are allowed.


The Christopher Reeve Homepage Guestbook is a place for visitors to leave their comments, personal opinions and observations about this website and Christopher Reeve in general. Sign in and let us know you visited.

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Online Postcards

Choose from 8 Christopher Reeve images, type your personal message, and have your Free personalised Christopher Reeve Online Postcard sent to your family and friends.

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Christopher Reeve WebRing

The Christopher Reeve WebRing is made up of websites from all around the world that are dedicated to supplying fans with information on Christopher Reeve. If you have a website that is about Christopher Reeve then why not become a part of the world's only Christopher Reeve WebRing!

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Christopher Reeve Club

Join in all the great discussions, get to know other Chris Reeve fans from around the world in this great Christopher Reeve Club! Join now! It's free! :)

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