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About The Christopher Reeve Homepage

I and my team of helpers thought it might be a good idea to explain who we are and how this website came into existence - because we think the evolution of the Christopher Reeve Homepage is itself quite special.

A young man named Andrew Gould who was quite a fan of Superman and Chris Reeve started a website called "The Superman Homepage". When Chris was injured, he also started the Christopher Reeve Homepage to keep fans up to date on Chris' medical condition. Andrew suffered from a rare genetic skin disease which predisposed him to cancer. He eventually succumbed to that disease in November 1996. One of his last acts before entering the hospital for the final time was to transfer his web page files to me (Steve Younis) his friend and fellow Superman fan. Although Andrew and I never actually met, we were email pals for quite some time. I have a memorial page dedicated to him at the Superman Homepage.

I am a Graphic Designer/Web Designer living in Australia. In addition to the Superman Homepage, I also have a website called the Steve's Stuff, which is full of music, poems, and other interesting things. But I have kept my promise to Andrew to maintain his old web pages, and hope that he would be pleased with the updates, improvements and overall quality of both the Superman Homepage and this Christopher Reeve Homepage.

At first, most of my attention was devoted to the Superman Homepage and the Reeve Homepage pretty much sat there. Betsy Mahon, an occupational therapist who lives in California and was inspired by Chris' first interview with Barbara Walters, replied to my plea for help to get the Reeve page up-to-date. Betsy is the soccer mother of one son. On July 1, 1997 the next person who joined the team was Joyce Kavitsky, a great Reeve fan from New Jersey. At the time she joined Joyce was a college student going to Rowan University majoring in Communications in the area of Radio, Television and Film. Joyce graduated in August 1998, when she is not assisting with the Reeve Homepage, she has been working as a temporary employee for employment agencies. In 2008, Joyce was hired by Interline Brands to do clerical work as an office assistant. Another New Jersey resident, Judy Thomas, joined us in late 1997. A former reference librarian, Judy was enthusiastic about consolidating information about Christopher Reeve on this website. Judy and her husband Dave enjoyed retirement and their son Brian, who grew up watching Chris's movies, is a medical doctor with an office near Reeve's hometown of Princeton. Sadly Judy passed away in February 2012, and her guidance is very much missed here at the Chris Reeve Homepage. Last, but by no means least, came Dawn Jones, a young fan from England who is currently at Hull University studying American Studies. Dawn officially joined the team in 1999 having provided general assistance since 1998. We are a diverse group, all volunteering our time to this labour of love, but we are all united in our admiration of Christopher Reeve and all that he represented - including a cure for spinal cord injury.

It has been a privilege for me to be involved with this website and the people I have met through its existence... and I hope it continues for many years to come.

Steve Younis

The Team:
Steven Younis
Steven Younis
Betsy Mahon
Betsy Mahon
Joyce Kavitsky
Joyce Kavitsky
Judy Thomas
Judy Thomas (deceased)
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones


Here is a list of awards and certifications the Christopher Reeve Homepage has been decorated with:

Super Site Award

Web of Steel Award!
The Christopher Reeve Homepage, was selected as the Kryptonian Cybernet's "Web of Steel" Site of the Month for May, 1999.
best of the web -
This website was rated best Christopher Reeve web site by Planet101.


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