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Yahoo! Audio Chat Event: Christopher Reeve - November 9, 2000

Christopher Reeve Christopher Reeve - Audio Chat
On November 9 at 6pET/3pPT, actor/director/author/activist Christopher Reeve visits Yahoo! Chat to discuss Mission: Possible, a campaign the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) is undertaking this fall, which includes a charity auction on Yahoo! featuring unique celebrity experiences and memorabilia.

y_chat_diva: Hello everyone!
y_chat_diva: Welcome to Yahoo! Chat
y_chat_diva: and to our chat with Christopher Reeve
y_chat_diva: The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
y_chat_diva: is currently holding a celebrity auction
y_chat_diva: For more information check out

y_chat_diva: WE are ready to go
y_chat_diva: Please welcome Christopher Reeve to Yahoo!
y_chat_diva: We're here to chat about you and the Yahoo! auction to raise money for the CRPF…
christopher_reeve_live: This is the first time we've done a celebrity auction
christopher_reeve_live: and we think we can do something.. So go to you can see 12 fabulous items
christopher_reeve_live: Take a look at the six days of biking in Bordeaux France -- that's got to be great
christopher_reeve_live: or taking a ride on the track with Paul Newman
christopher_reeve_live: hanging out with Paul Newman is a lot of fun
christopher_reeve_live: And hanging out with the Ranger players.. it's fun and an intense game.. it's a lot of fun.. We've been doing it for about four years now
christopher_reeve_live: But that's just the highlights
christopher_reeve_live: They're all great
christopher_reeve_live: So given the number of people out there
christopher_reeve_live: I'm sure you can bid it up.. and it's nice to be online

18280 asks: I was injured in 1977 by a drunk driver.Can I help you next time you lobby in D.C.?
christopher_reeve_live: yes well.. The most effective thing to do is to call or email your congressmen... They all listen to email
christopher_reeve_live: So we can't do a march on Washington, like they've done in civil rights movements in the past, but we can bombard them with email
christopher_reeve_live: Do bombard your representatives
christopher_reeve_live: with requests for research
christopher_reeve_live: and better compliance with the ADA
christopher_reeve_live: and make sure that they really understand…

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christopher, Do you think "The American's With Disability Act" is good the way it is or needs to be changed?
christopher_reeve_live: Yeah, I think that it's a very comprehensive piece of legislation
christopher_reeve_live: and it doesn't need to be revised.
christopher_reeve_live: It just needs to be observed
christopher_reeve_live: and needs to be applied to businesses and restaurants
christopher_reeve_live: and movie theatres and all other places.
christopher_reeve_live: And we're beginning to see that happen.

drew_barrymore_girl asks: Since the presidency is a big topic, I was wondering if any party has helped you more or you find more sympathetic to your cause?
christopher_reeve_live: Fortunately the disability and research has enjoyed
christopher_reeve_live: and if you study the position of both Gore and Bush,
christopher_reeve_live: they both have, I think,
christopher_reeve_live: very good and very comprehensive plans.

dj_intheuk asks: Hey its great that your doing so many live chats online! How are you and the family? How's your leg?
christopher_reeve_live: Oh, we're doing well.
christopher_reeve_live: Actually, the doctors thought that it would take 10-12 weeks
christopher_reeve_live: for my leg to heal
christopher_reeve_live: because I have osteoporosis,
christopher_reeve_live: but I went for a check-up after 6 weeks
christopher_reeve_live: and they took an x-ray
christopher_reeve_live: and it turned out that it had healed already
christopher_reeve_live: so I was really thrilled.
christopher_reeve_live: A break of the femur
christopher_reeve_live: is a very serious break.
christopher_reeve_live: Some people have bled to death from that.
christopher_reeve_live: And I had a severe break,
christopher_reeve_live: but I recovered quickly and that made me feel very good
christopher_reeve_live: about my overall health 5 years after the accident.
christopher_reeve_live: I feel I'm getting stronger.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christopher, How Much Money has Congress given to the NIH for Spinal Cord and Parkinson's Resarch?
christopher_reeve_live: In 1995, when I was injured,
christopher_reeve_live: the budget for spinal cord research was million.
christopher_reeve_live: And this year, it's million.
christopher_reeve_live: And the important thing to remember
christopher_reeve_live: is that the money given for research into one disorder of the brain
christopher_reeve_live: and central nervous system
christopher_reeve_live: benefits all the other conditions as well.
christopher_reeve_live: So that the search for a cure for paralysis
christopher_reeve_live: will also benefit people with MS,
christopher_reeve_live: Parkinson's
christopher_reeve_live: Alzheimer's
christopher_reeve_live: Stroke
christopher_reeve_live: And that's how I think we need to discuss these issues,
christopher_reeve_live: to convince politicians that this is an issue.
christopher_reeve_live: That it will directly affect families.
christopher_reeve_live: So that we don't come across as a special interest group.
y_chat_diva: Find out more about the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation auction at:

kentchatter asks: Do you still get questioned about the commercial you did during the Superbowl, in which you "walked"?
christopher_reeve_live: Yes, because no matter what you feel about the commercial itself,
christopher_reeve_live: it provoked a lot of thought
christopher_reeve_live: and the fact that we're still talking about it
christopher_reeve_live: 11 months after it aired only 1 or 2 times
christopher_reeve_live: is terrific.
christopher_reeve_live: Don't forget that the commercial
christopher_reeve_live: is about sometime in the future.
christopher_reeve_live: And be aware that I consulted with 7 or 8
christopher_reeve_live: researchers around the world for their opinion
christopher_reeve_live: and none of them felt that to show an image of me walking
christopher_reeve_live: was misleading or irresponsible.
christopher_reeve_live: It will happen.

sugar_smith asks: My brother was paralysed a year ago and my son was diagnosed with autism two years ago, since all of this, we have all developed a rather sick sense of humour about it all - would you consider this a healthy approach to our situation?!
christopher_reeve_live: A sense of humor cannot be underestimated.
christopher_reeve_live: Humor is great medicine.
christopher_reeve_live: And one of my latest jokes is that when people say ...
christopher_reeve_live: "How unfortunate that you live with this adversity,"
christopher_reeve_live: I say,
christopher_reeve_live: "The only adversity that I face right now is that no one feels sorry for me."
christopher_reeve_live: And that's a good thing.
christopher_reeve_live: Sometimes people get used to seeing me all over the country
christopher_reeve_live: making personal appearances.
christopher_reeve_live: This month I was in 8 states in a 10 day period.
christopher_reeve_live: But they don't know about what goes on behind the scenes.
christopher_reeve_live: For all of us to get through the day.
christopher_reeve_live: But I think it's worth it.
christopher_reeve_live: For the public to get used to seeing disabled people
christopher_reeve_live: out and about and being as "normal" as possible.

JoyceKavitsky asks: Chris, I was wondering if you'll be acting in and directing commercials now that the Screen Actors Guild strike is finally over?
christopher_reeve_live: Yes, I will.
christopher_reeve_live: It's a good thing.
christopher_reeve_live: The strike is finally over ... because
christopher_reeve_live: so many actors depend on
christopher_reeve_live: voiceovers and commercials.
christopher_reeve_live: Residuals.
christopher_reeve_live: To make a living.
christopher_reeve_live: And it's been a long time.
christopher_reeve_live: They've all been out of work,
christopher_reeve_live: so I'm glad that the strike is over
christopher_reeve_live: and I hope to be directing a commercial in
christopher_reeve_live: the next couple of months.

agalinakos asks: how can the DNA decoding help the spinal cord reaserhes?
christopher_reeve_live: Well, the key to understanding the complexity
christopher_reeve_live: of the brain and the spinal cord
christopher_reeve_live: really has to do with genetics.
christopher_reeve_live: And there are about 100 genes they've recently identified.
christopher_reeve_live: None of us can understand what the function of each of these genes are.
christopher_reeve_live: So DNA is not, as I understand it, is not a piece of the puzzle.
christopher_reeve_live: It's identifying all these genes so they know exactly
christopher_reeve_live: what each one of them does.
christopher_reeve_live: And they basically just finished analyzing them all
christopher_reeve_live: and they feel this will help to accelerate the pace of research
christopher_reeve_live: because a very important part of finding a cure
christopher_reeve_live: is gene therapy.
christopher_reeve_live: So it really is the cornerstone of work that's going to be done in a couple of years.
christopher_reeve_live: I know it seems that it's taking forever,
christopher_reeve_live: but actually the pace is picking up
christopher_reeve_live: and the level of research
christopher_reeve_live: and the promise is greater than it's ever been before.

j_london_17 asks: Do you have any plans in the near future for film directing?
christopher_reeve_live: I expect to be directing a film
christopher_reeve_live: next April or May
christopher_reeve_live: but we're not announcing it yet
christopher_reeve_live: We're just in the script phase.
christopher_reeve_live: And even though we have the money in place,
christopher_reeve_live: I wouldn't want to say anything this early because
christopher_reeve_live: we don't have a script yet.
christopher_reeve_live: I'm hoping the script will be fantastic,
christopher_reeve_live: but if it's not,
christopher_reeve_live: then I won't do the project.
christopher_reeve_live: But I'd rather think positively.
christopher_reeve_live: And the point is that it's very hard work.
christopher_reeve_live: Making a film.
christopher_reeve_live: Even if you're on your feet.
christopher_reeve_live: So it's especially difficult for me
christopher_reeve_live: to put in the energy
christopher_reeve_live: and maintain my health.
christopher_reeve_live: So that means I'm very selective
christopher_reeve_live: about the projects I've been involved with.

ziad72lb asks: Hello Chris from thousands of your fan in BEIRUT-LEBANON, WE LOVE YOU! Anyway, I am a paraplegic, and I was wondering about two things, first, when do you think human trials will take place and when are we going to see effective treatments and therapies for spinal cord injuries? and second, do you believe that embryonic stem cells are more effective than bone marrow stem cells? Thank you SUPERMAN
christopher_reeve_live: Let me take the last part first ...
christopher_reeve_live: Human embryonic stem cells are much more versatile
christopher_reeve_live: than adult stem cells
christopher_reeve_live: which are found in the bone marrow.
christopher_reeve_live: And also in the brain.
christopher_reeve_live: They are useful for treating certain types of cancer
christopher_reeve_live: and sickle cell anemia.
christopher_reeve_live: But only a limited number of these.
christopher_reeve_live: embryonic stem cells
christopher_reeve_live: have unlimited potential
christopher_reeve_live: because they have no identity.
christopher_reeve_live: And the question of human trials ...
christopher_reeve_live: really, is going to depend on politics
christopher_reeve_live: and money.
christopher_reeve_live: And I hope now that we have this wonderful resource
christopher_reeve_live: that progress is not slowed down by
christopher_reeve_live: competitiveness or
christopher_reeve_live: lawsuits about that
christopher_reeve_live: and the rights to the underlying basic science.
christopher_reeve_live: I hope that pharmaceutical companies
christopher_reeve_live: will take some risks
christopher_reeve_live: and invest in drugs that won't immediately
christopher_reeve_live: be profitable,
christopher_reeve_live: but will be essential for therapy.
christopher_reeve_live: So it's going to take a tremendous collaboration
christopher_reeve_live: between the public
christopher_reeve_live: and private sector
christopher_reeve_live: to make therapies happen.
christopher_reeve_live: In the next 3-5 years
christopher_reeve_live: Again, the most important thing that we can do worldwide
christopher_reeve_live: is to put pressure
christopher_reeve_live: on our government
christopher_reeve_live: and on the corporate world
christopher_reeve_live: and remind them that
christopher_reeve_live: we are talking now about curing diseases
christopher_reeve_live: that will affect millions of people all over the world.
christopher_reeve_live: When they understand that,
christopher_reeve_live: I think that progress will be faster

y_chat_diva: Find out more about the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation auction at:

CaboJonny asks: Also, did you participate in the restoration and DVD release of SUPERMAN? If so, what was your involvement? I'm very excited for the release of one of my all time favorite films!
christopher_reeve_live: I'm glad that after all this time,
christopher_reeve_live: Superman remains your favorite.
christopher_reeve_live: I was interviewed for the DVD release
christopher_reeve_live: along with Dick Donner,
christopher_reeve_live: who directed the film,
christopher_reeve_live: and all the other actors.
christopher_reeve_live: So I can't wait to see it.
christopher_reeve_live: It's been many years,
christopher_reeve_live: but I hope that it still holds up 22 years after the release.
christopher_reeve_live: I'm glad that it's still one of your favorites.

mr_boston_02780 asks: Chris, what's your take on this entire election mess?
christopher_reeve_live: One thing that I think must change
christopher_reeve_live: is that the networks should not be allowed to report
christopher_reeve_live: or project the results in states
christopher_reeve_live: in the east before the polls have closed in the west.
christopher_reeve_live: I think that that has an unreasonable influence
christopher_reeve_live: on the outcome.
christopher_reeve_live: And really there should be an embargo.
christopher_reeve_live: There should be no reporting.
christopher_reeve_live: Until ALL the polls have closed around the entire country.
christopher_reeve_live: I think that in this case,
christopher_reeve_live: the media has really messed it up.
christopher_reeve_live: And that has to change.
christopher_reeve_live: We need to look at the electoral college
christopher_reeve_live: and I think we should get rid of it.
christopher_reeve_live: So that a President or a Senator is elected
christopher_reeve_live: strictly by the popular vote.

neuro2b2000 asks: Hello Superman! it is a pleasure to be able to talk with you. I am a future neurosurgeon, and my area of research is re-myelination. Do you think that myelin is the right path to travel to eventually cure paralysis and other neurological disorders.
christopher_reeve_live: Every injury of the spinal cord
christopher_reeve_live: is different and
christopher_reeve_live: requires a different approach to
christopher_reeve_live: solving the problem.
christopher_reeve_live: Of course,
christopher_reeve_live: re-myelination is the key to curing MS
christopher_reeve_live: and in my particular case,
christopher_reeve_live: it appears that re-myelination might be the answer
christopher_reeve_live: because the researchers I've been working with
christopher_reeve_live: seem to agree that
christopher_reeve_live: my injury is limited to a very small area
christopher_reeve_live: at the c-2 level
christopher_reeve_live: and that there's no cut,
christopher_reeve_live: that I merely have a track of nerves that have been de-myelinated.
christopher_reeve_live: So it seems likely that re-myelination would really help
christopher_reeve_live: and what I like about that
christopher_reeve_live: is that the myelin could be applied by
christopher_reeve_live: local injections whereas some other approaches
christopher_reeve_live: will require surgery.
christopher_reeve_live: And of course, surgery at a high level of the spinal cord
christopher_reeve_live: is very dangerous.
christopher_reeve_live: So I'm hopeful that myelin will help in my case
christopher_reeve_live: and for other people.
christopher_reeve_live: who have high injuries.

syracusedude2001 asks: What is your fav sports team?
christopher_reeve_live: The New York Giants.
christopher_reeve_live: The New York Rangers.
christopher_reeve_live: And The New York Yankees.

boocat_uk asks: Chris as a Horseman, would you ride again ?
christopher_reeve_live: I would get back on a horse
christopher_reeve_live: If I was physically able to ride again,
christopher_reeve_live: as soon as I was physically able to keep up.
christopher_reeve_live: But I made an agreement with my wife, Dana,
christopher_reeve_live: that I won't jump anymore.

Ya_Ya_Whatever asks: Your wife must be incredible.....a lot of times when people are afflicted w illnesses/injuries it destroys marriages.....hats off to her
christopher_reeve_live: Yeah, she is beyond fantastic.
christopher_reeve_live: And you're very accurate.
christopher_reeve_live: In your observation that the state of your relationship
christopher_reeve_live: before the injury will intensify when the injury happens
christopher_reeve_live: so that if you're having marital issues or relationship problems
christopher_reeve_live: before the injury,
christopher_reeve_live: things will only get worse.
christopher_reeve_live: But if your relationships with family and friends are good to begin with,
christopher_reeve_live: then that's part of surviving and going forward
christopher_reeve_live: because everyone will become even closer.
christopher_reeve_live: So the moral of the story is
christopher_reeve_live: to pay attention to the important relationships in your life
christopher_reeve_live: not only for the present
christopher_reeve_live: but in case of some kind of catastrophe.
y_chat_diva: Find out more about the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation auction at:

jordanalijack asks: Rachel: I typed here before and nothing came up. Mr. Reeve: I am 8 years old and wondered how your children helped since your injury.
christopher_reeve_live: Oh, that's wonderful.
christopher_reeve_live: My youngest is also 8 years old.
christopher_reeve_live: Sometimes I feel sad because he was only 2 when I was injured
christopher_reeve_live: and I feel that we missed so much
christopher_reeve_live: but it turns out that in spite of my physical limitations,
christopher_reeve_live: he knows I'm there for him.
christopher_reeve_live: He knows how much I love him
christopher_reeve_live: and he's very happy
christopher_reeve_live: and well-adjusted.
christopher_reeve_live: So I'm very grateful for that.
christopher_reeve_live: And the same is true for my two older children
christopher_reeve_live: who are 16 and 21.
christopher_reeve_live: And I would say that even though we can't do all the things
christopher_reeve_live: that we're closer than ever.
christopher_reeve_live: Because the time we spend together is always very valuable

aprilstar123 asks: Ok, I"m really sorry to have to ask this again, but i could prevously now screen, my 20 year old son was recently paralyzed in the spinal cord in a diving acident. A few weeks ago, we moved him from Akron, Ohio to Denver Colorado to a hospital called Criag. This is a very stressful time for my family and I. Do you have any suggestions or tips on what to do at this time? He is paralyzed from the next down.
christopher_reeve_live: First of all, I'm very sorry that you've had to go through this
christopher_reeve_live: unexpected experience.
christopher_reeve_live: You probably never imagined that something this catastrophic
christopher_reeve_live: could happen to any member of your family,
christopher_reeve_live: but understand that in the first few weeks
christopher_reeve_live: and even months after the injury,
christopher_reeve_live: it's a very confusing time
christopher_reeve_live: and a time of real fear and ...
christopher_reeve_live: just believe me when I say
christopher_reeve_live: that that time will pass.
christopher_reeve_live: And you will begin to see a pathway to the future.
christopher_reeve_live: I would also tell you that Craig is one of the best rehab centers in the country.
christopher_reeve_live: And in particular, they are experts at helping people who are
christopher_reeve_live: on ventilators,
christopher_reeve_live: because of a high-level injury.
christopher_reeve_live: To learn how to breathe on their own
christopher_reeve_live: and I think that it's very important that as soon as possible,
christopher_reeve_live: that your son begin a program of exercise
christopher_reeve_live: to prevent atrophy
christopher_reeve_live: and to prepare the body for therapy
christopher_reeve_live: which will soon be available.
christopher_reeve_live: So ... good luck ...
christopher_reeve_live: and just be assured that thousands of scientists
christopher_reeve_live: all over the world are working on the problem
christopher_reeve_live: and are making great progress.
y_chat_diva: And this is the most popular question we've received today... so we'll close with it...

lil_girl_4702 asks: what was your favorite movie that you have played in?
christopher_reeve_live: I don't think I have a single favorite,
christopher_reeve_live: but I must say that I'm very grateful that
christopher_reeve_live: twenty-three years after shooting Superman I,
christopher_reeve_live: people still enjoy the film.
christopher_reeve_live: And that 20 years after making Somewhere In Time,
christopher_reeve_live: people still love that movie,
christopher_reeve_live: which in fact has just been re-released and is touring the country,
christopher_reeve_live: and will soon be out on DVD.
christopher_reeve_live: These are important connections to my past
christopher_reeve_live: and it means so much to me that
christopher_reeve_live: people appreciate the work that I did when I was younger.
christopher_reeve_live: All actors have a secret fear of fading away
christopher_reeve_live: and thanks to all of you,
christopher_reeve_live: I feel very much included,
christopher_reeve_live: and that I haven't disappeared.
christopher_reeve_live: And I thank you all for that.

y_chat_diva: Chris, thanks for chatting today...
christopher_reeve_live: My pleasure,
christopher_reeve_live: thank you all for signing on.

y_chat_diva: Find out more about the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation auction at:

myklangelo asks: christopher i'd like to thank so much for speaking at the bryce jordan center a few weeks ago.

Bri2ndpwr asks: You certainly have raised awareness of paralysis, the same as Micheal J. Fox has for Parkinsons....for this you can be proud...we wish you well...
characterisland asks: Mr, Reeve . . .you are truly an inspiration of strength to the world. God Bless you.
jerseygirl211 asks: You and your wife are the best, my prayers are always with you.
Walk_in_Truth asks: Christopher Reeve -- If you can see this, i just wanted to say that You are my Hero! ;) You are an inspiration! You are just a truly awesome person. I wish you the best. Dont ever give up!
parat8t9 asks: Wow Mr. Reeve I can't believe your here, you are just like superman. I follow all of your readings and keep up with your website. Because of you people like you and me and countless others will be able to live better lives. Thank you
ziad72lb asks: thank you Chris for answering my question, take good care of yourself and keep up the excellent work, we love you!!
Swishers_sweet asks: christopher, you are a great man, and i love everything that you have ever done. I wish the best for you and your family
djumia asks: I love you and wish you all the best, you were my childhood hero, and now you are much more than that. Thank yo for being such an inspiration to millions around the world.
sonja_blue22 asks: u are a wonderful and courageous person, it chokes me up thinkin of the injustice which has been pushed onyou, but you really seem to be strong in mind and soul. i dont think i could be so brave. maybe you really are superman!!
giggles_2_00 asks: Chris, I just wanted to say that you are my idol. You have been through so much and have held on, I really admire you. You have amazing strength and i commend you for it.

y_chat_diva: Thank you all for joining us for this amazing chat today
y_chat_diva: And please check into the auction -- it's a great fun way to raise money to help with research

Swishers_sweet asks: Christopher, im sure that i am speaking for everyone here. You are a very powerful role model, im sure at times you have wanted to give up but you havn't.. Thank you very much. I love you man....
mattcat2000 asks: hi this is Matt the Cat, keep up the great work
darkanqel asks: -loves ur super man movies!
mygracious00 asks: you are in my prayers each day.
yogimolly asks: Thank you for everything you have done.
ryanlee98 asks: Good night and good luck

y_chat_diva: Thank you everyone


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