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Yahoo! Chat Event: Christopher Reeve

Date: June 7, 2000

Christopher Reeve Yahoo! Chat warmly welcomed Christopher Reeve at 6pET/3pET. Reeve is gearing up for a New York City event -- First You Dream... a tribute to courage that will honor Reeve and Bran Pace. It is a one-night only, star-studded gala performance benefiting The Actors' Fund of America's Catastrophic Care Program and The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

y_chat_diva: Hi everyone! Welcome to Yahoo! and our chat today with Christopher Reeve!
y_chat_diva: Chris is gearing up for a New York City event - First You Dream..., a tribute to courage that will honor him and Bran Pace. He can tell you about it when he gets here or you can check out info at and First You Dream will benefit both the actor's fund catastrophic care program and the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation It's an amazing event - loaded with celebrities and casts of Broadway shows.

y_chat_diva: We like to give a warm yahoo! welcome to Christopher Reeve!
christopher_reeve_live: It's always a pleasure for me to hear from people across the country.

y_chat_diva: Can you tell us a little about the event on Monday?
christopher_reeve_live: On Monday, June 12th, at the New Amsterdam Theater. It's a benefit performance featuring some 300 Broadway Performers. Monday June It's for the Catastrophic Care Project, created to help actors who have been seriously injured. Monday June 12th.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christopher, How much Money is annually given to Spinal Cord Injury Research?
christopher_reeve_live: By the government or for universities or foundations? From what sources? In general ? the government spends about $ 50Million ...and probably a similar amount is raised privately every year. That's worldwide.

slipknot1514 asks: CAN YOU ASK HOW HE IS DOING
christopher_reeve_live: I'm doing fine, thank you. :) Improving in very subtle ways, but the latest MRI shows that my cord is completely intact! And that... I have many surviving pathways that can be rehabilitated. And so... my prognosis for the future is better than we thought.

crippled_camper asks: I am a T-12 Para. I spoke to my surgeon the other day and he said that clinical trials wont start for 15 years on grafting spinal cords. Doe you think this is a true statement? You give us a lot of hope thanks.
christopher_reeve_live: I think that grafting spinal cords is not going to be the solution. Repair of the damaged cord will probably be accomplished by the use of Stem cells which are capable of becoming new nerves and of fixing the damaged circuitry in the cord. Also... treadmill therapy for T level patients can result in the ability to walk even without repairing the cord. This work is being done at UCLA and at various centers around the country. And it's something that hopefully will become more widely available because if you have a T level injury, it is possible to walk. Without actually curing the spinal cord.

rookie139 asks: Any upcoming acting roles, movies, tc appearances that we should look for?...Youre great person and I wish you the best!...Keith
christopher_reeve_live: I think my next project will be for Disney and ABC, a film for television called "Rescuing Jeffrey" But I don't know how soon we will make the film. First, we have to adapt the book into a screenplay But I will be directing and producing. Not acting.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Christopher, Which Celebrities will be attending the "First You Dream" Event in New York City where you will get an Award?
christopher_reeve_live: Actors from almost every show on Broadway will be attending, as well as celebrities like Nathan Lane, Richard Gere, Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon. I don't have the list on me, but you can check the website for other information and names.

inascents asks: chris, I am a 19 y/o fem. and c2/3/vent-dep. it really bothers me when people stare at me and talk to me like I wont understand. do you get that often and how do you deal with it
christopher_reeve_live: No, I don't have that particular problem, but people often stand next to my shoulder when they meet me and of course I cant see them. I wonder why they don't have the courage or courtesy to stand in front of me. And make eye contact. It's an automatic reflex, but I wish that able bodied would be more thoughtful when they meet someone who is disabled.

the_brains_99 asks: what do you do for fun
christopher_reeve_live: Well, I have three wonderful children. Ages 20, 16, and 8. And while i'm no longer to participate in many of the 'fun' activities of the past, I have learned to enjoy watching them have a good time. I always feel included, particularly because my kids like having me around and always ask for my advice. In fact, I may not have as much fun as before, but I experience a deeper satisfaction.

manolis_varnassinger asks: mr reeve how the christofer reever paralysis foundation help and offer
christopher_reeve_live: To make a donation, you would simply log on to and scroll through the details. What we do is raise money for research and we have managed to bring the best scientists from around the world on to the same team. No individual can solve this problem by himself. This research has resulted in very rapid progress over the last few years. Also, we get 30 % of our income to Quality of Life grants for people who need assistance with daily living.

Mahalo_2000 asks: Chris, how do you maintain your motivation?
christopher_reeve_live: Because there is so much work to be done and I am in the unique position of having access to the scientists, the politicians, and the media...all three are essential to making progress. Because I have this opportunity, I really feel that I can't turn away from the responsibility and that always motivates me, even on days when I would rather feel sorry for myself. I think that all of us who are disabled can find ways to challenge ourselves to maintain our health, to accomplish paths to raise hope, self esteem and that's the way to get past the bad days.

barrman34 asks: what is your favorite movie?
christopher_reeve_live: Well, right off the top of my head, I would say the Submarine Movie..."Das Boot" by Wolfgang Peterson.

pjpenguin224 asks: I am disabled too and know what you mean about being thoughtful

medicinestik asks: You mentioned people still reach out to shake your hand...Is there a gesture that is suitable?
christopher_reeve_live: Yes....the thing to do is to step forward, make eye contact, and then touch the right hand, without trying to shake it. Physical contact is ok.

y_chat_diva: If someone meets you and is uncomfortable, is it better for them to say so?
christopher_reeve_live: If someone feels uncomfortable, there is nothing wrong with saying so... but I think they should just realize that we are not frightening; that it doesn't hurt to touch us, and that they should try to be as normal as possible. I think gradually, the more people see disabled individuals out and about in public, and in the work place, the more they will become comfortable in relating to us.

JoyceKavitsky asks: Chris, I'm so glad I can get a chance to talk to you. I was wondering, how your hip is doing after it was dislocated last fall?
christopher_reeve_live: My hip is about 1/3 of the way out of the socket. The joint. But I have been told that I'll still be able to walk on it, and probably will not need a hip replacement. So, it seems that it's stabilized, and I hope it stays that way. Thank you for asking :)

cathiehr asks: Good evening Mr. Reeve... I work in a Veterans Hospital - that has a special SCI Unit.. and just wanted to tell you that you are an insperation to many of our vets!
christopher_reeve_live: I'm very glad to hear that. So many veterans have suffered for so long and I feel that as new treatments become available, that people in homes and VA Hospitals should receive top priority.

dragonite99_1999 asks: What did you think about the commercial during the superbowl of you walking?
christopher_reeve_live: I was very pleased by the controversy it caused. :) That was the purpose of making the commercial. But it was not irresponsible. Before I did it, I checked with at least 6 researchers around the world and none of them had a problem with the concept. Particularly, because the commercial does not specify exactly when in the future a spinal cord injured person would walk. But it is a motivating vision of something that can happen. And... the scientists were grateful that the image of what they're working for was seen worldwide.

accesslife2000 asks: How much do tickets to the event on Monday cost?
christopher_reeve_live: they start at $ 50 and go as high as $ 2500 However, you should hurry. the tickets are going fast, so if you live anywhere near NY, at least try to come.

nirvanaclub_com asks: Chris, if you got the opportunity to guest star in a forthcoming Superman movie, would you do it?
christopher_reeve_live: It would depend entirely on the role. I doubt that there will be any more Superman films in the near future. And frankly... I cherish the ones from the past and think it's probably better to let them stand alone rather than be involved in a different way.

xtreme_girl_07 asks: I am a great admirer of yours and my friend has been in an accident and can no longer walk. How can I help her get through her depression?
christopher_reeve_live: Without knowing the circumstances, I don't know what specific answers to give you about her particular future. It was all depend on what kind of injury she has sustained, and how she is treated. But, I would say... that we are on the threshold of amazing breakthroughs in curing all the diseases of the brain and central nervous system. That was unthinkable even 3 or 4 years ago. Tell her that the future is very bright and she owes it to herself not to give up. Depression is inevitable... and may last for months after the injury. But then... you have to focus on the future and accept the present.

dd_saxplayer asks: Loved your book! Are you going to write another?
christopher_reeve_live: No, I don't think so. It will probably be a long time before I write another book, because I'm not really a writer. But, if I felt that I had an important story to tell, then I would consider it.

Science is progressing very rapidly. There are now at least 4 approaches to treating and repairing the damaged cord. One is Remyelination, two is nerve growth, 3 is Stem Cell, and the fourth is Regeneration. Experiments in grafts have been very successful and now our foundation is receiving Grant requests for funding of human trial. In fact, human trials have already begun in some laboratories. All the signs are very positive and many scientists find shortcuts as they go along which will save time. No one can put a date on how soon there will be a cure, but there is common agreement that it is coming. In the not too distant future.

y_chat_diva: We'd like to thank Chris for taking the time today to chat with us. Thank you Chris. Remember, the Actor's Fund website will tell you how to be a part of Monday, June 12th fundraising event.

christopher_reeve_live: Thank you all for chatting with me. I will always do my best to represent the spinal cord community, and I love them. Your comments and suggestions... you can reach me at the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation at Thank you very much.

trisicabrown asks: good luck chris:):):):)
fmiano_2000 asks: I admire you so much!!!
ashlee5435 asks: Mr. Reeve you are truly an inspiration.
connie144 asks: Hello Mr. Reeve....just wanted to say that my family and I totally admire your determination and courage for all you've been through :)
sweetemi2 asks: you are so cool
JAYPC123478 asks: Chris I would just like to wish u all the best in the future
afternoondelightf asks: take care.....
CAROLINA_TARHEELS asks: Thanks for answering my question Chris
paulevens76 asks: I would just like to say that you have been a huge role model in my life. Thank you.
ColonelMustard_01 asks: thanks for chatting superman
dozey_lad asks: by chris , take care
jd_6369 asks: GOD BLESS YOU MR. REEVE
SerieA asks: Thanks Christopher :)
pspatti asks: Keep God in your heart and keep sharing your message!
eminem_luv_er asks: YOURE COOL CHRIS
suzysphotofinishing asks: Keep up the great work!!
suneedae_m asks: Take care, thank you for your inspiration
tdauble asks: Thanks for chatting with us!

y_chat_diva: Thank you everyone
y_chat_diva: A transcript of this event will be available on soon
y_chat_diva: Thank you all -- see you soon!


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