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MSN Live! Chat with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour

MSN Live! Chat with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour - October 24, 2000

Live from New York we celebrate the DVD release of Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. In their first chat together, Jane and Christopher step back in time with fans as they remember the making of what has now become a cult hit for fans.

Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live. Tonight we join Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour live from New York at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of their film, Somewhere in Time which even 20 years later still spawns fan clubs and passion!

Chris and Jane in 'Somewhere in Time' Digital Dish Diva says: The DVD releases on October 31 but tonight we go back in time with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.

Digital Dish Diva says: Please join me as we welcome Jane and Christopher online for their very first online event together.

Digital Dish Diva says: I know tonight is a fabulous night as you celebrate your film, Somewhere in Time. What's it like to see it again with fans twenty years after the theatrical release?

Jane Seymour says: We're actually in the back room, but the exciting part is that everyone was dressed up and it's like a time warp seeing everyone dressed up. We're very excited about being able to celebrate the movie together. We weren't allowed to have a premiere twenty years ago.

Digital Dish Diva says: pattycake8 Asks: How many times have you watched Somewhere it Time?

Christopher Reeve says: I'd say about 10.

Jane Seymour says: For me, probably double that. I've seen bits of it more often than that because people seem to watch it when I'm in the room. (laughs)

Digital Dish Diva says: PoliteTourist Asks: I am a fan and love this movie. What did you enjoy most about making this movie?

Christopher Reeve says: It wasn't work. Often when you put two people together that are supposed to be romantically involved, it doesn't always go so well. And that was not at all the case with this film. It made it very easy to go to work every day knowing that we would truly enjoy each other's company. It felt like we were living a story and if they wanted to take a picture of it.

Jane Seymour says: The following of this movie is amazing. We talk about it often because people will stop us and tell us this is their favorite movie ever.

Digital Dish Diva says: Beck says: Are you surprised at the amazing popularity this film has?

Christopher Reeve says: I remember taking the role of Superman and told that I would be typecast, but I think I was more typecast as Richard from Somewhere in Time.

Jane Seymour says: Same for me. I meet so many people named Elise and I met one little girl named Elise Jane.

Digital Dish Diva says: Manolis_Varnasactor1 Asks: This movie was very beautiful and romantic. How much input and creativity you put on your roles for that memorable film?

Jane Seymour says: I showed up and it wasn't hard to play the role. Like Chris said, it was easy because they cast people that like each other. Didn't you cast me Chris?

Christopher Reeve says: Yes. We all recognized that she needed to play the part and when she was driving away from the first meeting, the phone was already ringing in her agent's office. Like I said when we were making the film, they just had to turn the camera on.

Digital Dish Diva says: Christopher, tonight Universal Studios made a $25,000 donation to your foundation. Can you tell us about the work your foundation is doing?

Christopher Reeve says: We are involved in funding bio-medical research, not only to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, but also Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and heart disease. Scientists have discovered that one disease effects another so I'm glad I'm not involved with just one disease, and also the research that will save thousands of lives in the future. It's a real honor for me to be involved with this. And living with it, it's something I can tolerate more easily. 10 or 15 years ago we were in the dark ages and the scientists didn't know much, in just the last few years they've made a lot of progress. Alzheimer's is a condition that I predict will be under control in the next 2 to 3 years. We need results now because people are suffering now.

Digital Dish Diva says: Reeve_Fan says: Christopher, I pray for you every day. I was wondering what I can do to help your foundation? When do you think spinal cord injuries will be curable?

Christopher Reeve says: If you go on the web and log onto that will take you to our website and you can look through there where to find how to help. The cure depends on the funding. I think if there is a grass roots movement to keep Somewhere in Time alive for 20 years. I think there can be a worldwide movement to help these causes. What people want will happen and it gives me a lot of reason to hope.

Digital Dish Diva says: Switching gears a little. . .DjintheUK Asks: Do either of you have a favourite scene from the movie?

Jane Seymour says: (laughs) I think the picnic scene just after we've made love is a really good one. I'm fond of that scene. I remember it being an emotional scene. It shows both characters in love and comfortable with one another.

Christopher Reeve says: I would agree. The whole feeling of that scene having the picnic on the ground in the hotel room had a very improvisational quality to it. We wanted to divert attention away from the fact that Richard is about to find the penny and return in time.

Jane Seymour says: I still have the waistcoat. (laugh!)

Christopher Reeve says: I have a gold watch. Not the one from the film though. Jane gave me this watch.

Richard and Elise talk

Digital Dish Diva says: MUSTANG2K Asks: Jane, when is your autobiography coming out? You've had such a wonderful life...

Jane Seymour says: (laughs) I'm hoping to have more of a life. I actually just wrote Two at a Time coming out in April dealing with twin pregnancies. It's hard to write the truth and not want to hurt people, my ego isn't as such that I want to hurt people, and when you write an autobiography, I think you should tell the truth and I haven't come to terms than that.

Digital Dish Diva says: Christopher any new books coming out? A number of our audience members want to know.

Christopher Reeve says: I want to live my life right now rather than write about it. So if you want to learn about my life, you'll have to wait another 40 years.

Digital Dish Diva says: Sparkmaster says: For both of you, how are your children?

Christopher Reeve says: I have 3 kids and they range from 21 to 8. So I'm constantly having to adjust my approach and remember which one I'm talking to. (laughs) I like the differences of dealing with such a wide age gap. My oldest is about to turn 21 which is a big shock to me, but I'm very honored that all 3 of my kids still want to talk to me and want my advice. We've never experienced the breakdown of communication or respect. As they have matured, we've been very close.

Jane Seymour says: I have 6 children. 4 that I gave birth to. Jenny, who's at Vassar, James is 22 and making films, Katie is at Columbia, 15 year old Shawn, and of course the twins who turn 5 in November. I, like Chris, have all these generations. The joy of James and my life is our family. When the teens get a little angst, I just set out a 4 year old to jump on them and then the angst is gone.

Digital Dish Diva says: Guest_michaela Asks: Is there any chance the two of you might find a way to act together again? Your chemistry is phenomenal on screen.

Jane Seymour says: I've gotten a really good idea that Chris and I were cooking up on the phone a couple weeks ago, but we haven't talked privately about it and I don't know if we could do it.

Christopher Reeve says: Jane and I have actually had a couple conversations on the phone, which we will sit down and work it out.

Jane Seymour says: I won't let it get away because it's such a good story.

Jane Seymour says: My husband, James, thinks it's a fantastic idea, so we'll cross our fingers.

Digital Dish Diva says: cbcgtat Asks: Christopher & Jane, I saw you on the Island when you did this film. Have you returned since?

Christopher Reeve says: I went back in 1994 for the annual inSIT gathering. I had been promising to come back for many years. It was great to come out and answer questions from the audience and the only thing I had to worry about was the group of supporters, really die-hard fans. I was afraid they would know more about it than I did. There were a few questions they asked me that I couldn't answer. There are things in the film that you can't answer, like where did the watch come from.

Jane Seymour says: We had a T-Shirt made on the set that said "What Watch"? (laughs)

Digital Dish Diva says: Attracted_Spoon Asks: Jane, do you have that wonderful portrait in your home?

Richard and Elise Jane Seymour says: My mother has that wonderful portrait in her home and Chris has signed it and dedicated it to her and she will never forget that.

Digital Dish Diva says: cincinnatidiva1 Asks: Mr. Reeve, you are one of the finest actors I have ever seen. I saw your remake of Rear Window and found your performance riveting. Is it true you will be doing a guest shot on The Practice this year?

Christopher Reeve says: I hope it comes about because one evening I was talking with Camryn Manheim from The Practice and she asked me if I would consider being on it. I thought it was a great chance to play someone who was disabled and denied insurance. Which is an everyday issue.

Digital Dish Diva says: gypsydansr Asks: What is the most rewarding aspect of both of your lives right now?

Jane Seymour says: I think the most rewarding aspect of my life right now is to feel in a little way that I can make a difference. I'm very passionate about helping in children's causes. I want to be a voice for others. I want to be able to use that level of communication to help others.

Christopher Reeve says: The most rewarding for me is being alive. I've suffered an injury that normally people don't survive and thanks to a great surgeon my head was literally reattached to my body and now I'm trying to express my gratitude for that. Life is more precious than ever. I do not feel being confined to a wheelchair is as nearly as limiting as I had initially feared it would be. I have a tremendous amount of opportunities and every day actually mean more had it this not happened.

Digital Dish Diva says: SITluvr Asks: Jane, I am re-enacting the "Man of My Dreams" scene this coming weekend at the Grand Hotel. Any words of advice? Will you be attending InSiT this weekend?

Jane Seymour says: I wish I could be there, unfortunately I'm involved with receiving my OBE at the consulate and also trying to stamp out Diabetes. It's one of the most beautiful speeches ever and let it come from the heart. Think of someone you love, and if you can't, think of Christopher. (laughs)

Digital Dish Diva says: I know your fans will be thinking of you!

Christopher Reeve says: I won't be able to be there. Unfortunately the transportation will be too difficult. I'll be in Miami opening a building that will help repair spinal cords. This weekend I'll be working, but our thoughts will be with everyone there and am glad they continue to come.

Jane Seymour says: I will make it there though someday.

Digital Dish Diva says: Christopher, Jane, thanks for joining us tonight on MSN Live! Congratulations on the success of Somewhere in Time.

Christopher Reeve says: Both Jane and I have the fans of Somewhere in Time to thank for our stars on Hollywood Blvd. We're also very grateful that my star is not 5 blocks away from Mann's Chinese Theatre. I got a prime location. I was very surprised to have such a great spot on the sidewalk. Thank you.

The 20th Anniversary DVD of Somewhere in Time is now available in our online store.


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